Auburn Twin Oaks forges its own path in the dessert wine category
with an unexpected blend of all-natural ingredients.

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In the fall of 2010, two winemakers – one a vintner with a sustainably focused winery, the other a chef who produces artisan maple syrup – blended maple and wine flavors. The result? An exceptional reserve of 180 bottles that received rave reviews from friends, family and winery guests.

This positive feedback inspired a quest for perfection. The winemakers spent the next few months experimenting and tasting to create the final flavor profile for the 2011 maple &Vine—a subtle sweetness with full-bodied complexity underscored by bright maple, vanilla and honey undertones.


Maple &Vine has a distinctive acidity that’s uncommon to most dessert wines. As a result, it pairs perfectly with both savory and sweet options such as:

newSPECIAL EDITION - Bourbon Barrel Aged maple &Vine

If you loved maple & are really going to enjoy our latest edition!

BBA maple &Vine is a bourbon barrel aged version of our original maple &Vine. A rich, up front bourbon aroma transitions into a fall fruit-filled mid palate sensation which culminates into a burnt maple finish. This is a heavier dessert wine not destined for the faint of heart. The char of the barrel and the essence of bourbon create the warm inviting introduction to the upcoming raisin, fig and mango middle. This in turn gives way, in layers, to the decadent finish of crème brûlée and toasted marshmallow goodness. These intense flavors, the dark rich color and an elegant wrapper make BBA maple &Vine an ideal choice for a fall and winter holiday gift for the person who has everything...except their own dose of liquid perfection!